Optimus and Megatron [Free]

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Are the Popfold paper figures free ?

Yes every Popfold project is free for everyone, however please refrain from sharing the file(s). If you know someone who is interested in crafting any of the figures, please show them this site for your friends download them personally. Otherwise you can also check out what’s happening through my social media links on the ‘About’ page or below.

Hello there ! I’d like to request ( insert character ) will you make it please ?

By far the most frequent and common message I receive, the best short answer is maybe. Please be aware that Cubefold currently is a one man band, each figure is lovingly designed from start to finish out my spare time. So please don’t take offence if I refuse or unsure if I’d pursue to make the figure, either due to; really obscure characters or really have no interesting look to them. I do my best to make each figure as unique as possible while being faithful to the source material.

How long does it take for you to make each figure ?

That really depends – the average Popfold figure take up to or over slightly 20 working hours from the drawing page to photographs and packaging. So it does take up my free time ( which I’ll be honest most likely spent on games and movies ). The only project out of the norm so far was Metal Gear Rex which took about 150 hours total over 3 months, which had a different design build compared to the rest of the figures available.

What program do you use to make the figures ?

Adobe Illustrator to make the master file of the figures, but the mock-up process for each project always begin by hand. To be perfectly honest I’m very bad with technology ( don’t even get me started on smartphones ), so all of the Popfold figures will always go through the prototype stage by traditional measuring and crafting. While this means it takes more time to make each figure, it also helps me focus on keeping the folds as simple as possible that ( hopefully ) won’t frustrate you or take up too much of your time.

Can I showcase your figures on my blog or site ?

Of course you may ! feel free to showcase Cubefold figures in your own way, I’ve had a few experiences with a few blogs and youtubers and their content have been awesome to look at – so please let me know if you also have questions or get in touch ! However, as usual please provide the usual credits and link to the Cubefold website rather than the direct link to the download files.

Hey somebody is copying and / or selling your figures in print / digital form !

This hasn’t happened yet ( and I hope it never will ! ) but in case if you noticed this, please take a screencap image or a photo and send it to me and I will contact the person involved immediately. Remember that Popfold figures will and always be free to download !

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About the creator

Hello ! My name is Calvin Lin and also go by Cubiecal, who started Cubefold in late 2015 and the lone person working on all of the figure designs and other post production materials.

Outside of Cubefold I have a deadset passion for illustration and design, especially when it comes down to geek culture, games and toys. My ambition is to make toys for people to enjoy for a living and Cubefold is a part of that dream ( it’s a long work-in-progress I have to admit ). Another wild dream is to work for either Blizzard Entertainment or Lego Group, for which I’m quite willing to sell my soul for !

My goal with Cubefold is to create a community of papercrafters and share Popfold, a series of paper figures based on games and other popular media for free for everyone to enjoy crafting. The design philosophy behind Cubefold is simplified complexity, keeping each figure as simple as possible with a focus on folding and using multiple parts to build up the detail for the overall build of the character. Each one is designed with a lot of time and love, which I hope you enjoy as much as I do coming up with them. I don’t have much to offer to the world other than making you smile and relax with papercrafting.

Feel free to look around the site and try working on any figures that might interest you or a big fan of. You can also let me know your thoughts or if you have any feedbacks and comments through Cubefold’s Facebook page or email. I hope you like what you see and please share the word if you know someone dear who’ll enjoy crafting the figures ! Other than that, I hope you have a wonderful day !

Business inquiries

I am also available for commission if you are interested in using paper figures for your personal use or business. Please contact me via email, cubefold@gmail.com with ‘commission’ as part of the mail title. Please be aware that commissions will be paid work and I won’t take exposure as payment !

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